Manchester Vermont is the destination for holiday celebrations, from treetops covered with snow, to lamp posts and doorways wrapped in garlands and bow. 

Set among the snowflake covered landscape, families and friends come together during this special time to make memories of a lifetime. 


A trip to Hildene during December will fill any Scrooge with wonder. Robert and Mary’s country estate is festooned with Victorian finery, just as it might have been when they stayed for the holidays so many years ago. Take the self-guided tour at your pace with an eye out for the beautiful, careful details; a gift for Robert at the foot of the bed, Christmas crackers on the table, vintage ornaments on the freshly cut, formal tree. Throughout the month, talented musicians play Mary Lincoln’s Steinway and the vintage Aeolian organ.

TAYLOR FARM SLEIGH RIDES - 18 Minutes from Aspen

Jon Wright and family invite you to join them for a taste of the past. Sleighs pulled by Belgian draft horses are flanked with cozy blankets. Sleigh rides are 45 minutes long including a fireside stop in the woods with beautiful views of the various ski mountains.  Pricing and availability varies, please inquire for further details.