Aspen is proud to debut a partnership this season with one of the most notable female Vermont Fly Fishing Legend's, Gloria Jordan. 

At our Fireside Chats, Aspen celebrates her accomplishments, welcoming hotel guests to relax and unwind with Gloria as she tells the tales of her brilliant experiences on the waters of Manchester through the decades.  Gloria Jordan is a celebrity in her own right.  She worked locally at Orvis in Manchester for 10 years learning and sharing her knowledge with travelers, as well as locals.  She has since tapped into her husband's one of a kind, hand crafted bamboo fly rod making tradition, by creating her very own customized rods herself. Gloria is a highly skillful fly tier and offers hand tied flies with different patterns such as Gray Squirrel Wing, Red Squirrel and Royal Coachman with natural feathers and hair. Gloria Jordan's fly boxes comes with a selection of flies (nymphs, streamers, bucktails and wets) chosen by her.  During Fireside Chats at Aspen, Gloria will also explain her process and all the excitement of both her past and present lifestyle - shining light on the beauty and experience that is Manchester. 

For more information about joining a Fireside Chat, please contact the Front Desk.